Wax Seals


The Eliza Gwendalyn Collection for WaxSeals.com comes in self-adhesive peel & stick stickers as well as the traditional form of melted wax with your own personal stamper. Build your own design with Eliza Gwendalyn‘s custom illustrated Crests along with one of her signature font lines Petunia.

WaxSeals.com is a boutique wax seal company committed to creating beautiful design on a small canvas.  Known around the world for their self-adhesive wax seals and collaborative projects, WaxSeals.com has been adding beauty and elegance to wedding invitations, branding, and packaging for over 25 years. Having worked with clients from DIY brides to iconic brands such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co., WaxSeals.com prides themselves on delivering white glove service for projects of all sizes. With big hearts and a small footprint, WaxSeals.com works with their clients to redefine what it means to be truly custom. Below are this season’s Colors!