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Photoshop Tutorial

Part 1


Open up your file by clicking ‘FILE’ on the menu bar and scrolling down to ‘OPEN’ — search for your file on your computer and press open. Once you have your file in photoshop, it will appear on the right hand side of the screen in the ‘LAYERS’ window as the ‘BACKGROUND’ layer. Now you are ready to begin making your stock-photo instagram ready image! Below is a quick video on what tools I use to create my insta-worthy images followed with a detailed  how-to list of the steps I took to make my final image!

Below is a quick video on what tools I use to create my insta-worthy images followed with a detailed  how-to list of the steps I took to make my final image!

Was the Video too Fast?

  1. Click your tool by and scroll to the Lasso Tool icon. The Lasso Tool is one of a few ‘selection’ tools in Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to be more precise and accurate on selecting part of your image than all the other selection tools in the program. In this case, I want to select the blank black screen on the iPhone so I am going to press the Lasso Tool icon and click on the POLYGONAL Lasso option. As you can see the Lasso tool has 3 options: The Magnetic Lasso that allows you to slowly select pixels, the Polygonal which is more angular and fabulous for hard shapes & corners like the rectangular screen, and the original Lasso Tool that you can quickly use to trace something fast but not always precisely.
  2. Once you have the Polygonal Lasso tool activiated move your cursor over the area you want to select, in this instance I want to select the black screen so I am going to place my curser over the screen.

3. Now double click the area you are hovering over. You will notice this ‘highlights’ or (as we say in photoshop) ‘selects’ the area.

4. Now you are ready to fill in the selected area with your tool brush which is the button with the paintbrush icon in the same toolbar as the Lasso Tool!

5. Once you click the Brush Tool you will want to select the right size to fill in your area, we have a small window so I am going to keep the brush size below 300 and click the color to white since I want my screen to be white. It is up to you to decide what size brush you need for the area you are filling in and what color you would like it to be!

6. Once you pick the size & color of your brush, take your curser and hover over the selected area to fill-in or ‘paint’ the area until it is complete filled with the chosen color!


7. Bring in your image overlay by opening up a new file. For this example we want to place a clients Logo we designed inside the iPhone screen. So we are going to go to File > Open and find our file.

8. Once our file is opened we are going to select the image by going to the top of the menu bar and clicking ‘SELECT’ and scrolling down to ‘ALL’

9. Then we are going to go to Edit on the menu bar and scroll down to ‘COPY’ — this will copy the entire image so we can import it to the stock photo file.

10. Go back to the stock photo file and click ‘EDIT’ on the menu bar and scroll down to ‘PASTE’ — now you will have TWO LAYERS on the Layer section on the bottom right of the image. This new Layer will automatically appear as ‘New Layer 1’ above the ‘background’ layer — this is exactly where you want it!

11. Let’s resize your imported image to fit your area. For our overlay, we will want to expand the new image by going to EDIT on the menu bar and scrolling down to TRANFORM and clicking on SCALE. Now hold shift and shrink or expand your image to fit the area. (You can shrink or expand an image in the same way, just make sure you hold down the ‘shift key’ on your keyboard so you don’t not disrupt the proportion of you image.) Once you have it to the size you like press the ENTER key on the keyboard to confirm the size.

12. Now drag the resized image over the area you want it to sit in. Not all images will need this tweak but out Logo needs to be rotated to fit within our iPhone elegantly so we are going to go to EDIT > scroll down to TRANSFORM > and click the ROTATE option and rotate the image until we feel it looks right!

Hooray! You are done. Now all you have to do is File > Save and you have your first stock image ready to go!

BONUS: You may have noticed an extra tool used in our Video
This is a second option on how-to SELECT an area
if you don’t like the Lasso Tool

  1. Click your tool bar menu and scroll to the Magic Wand Tool icon. If you don’t see it, it maybe hiding under the ‘quick-selection’ tool. Press down on that icon and activate the ‘MAGIC WAND’ tool. The magic wand is a great selection tool in Adobe Photoshop, especially for big blocked out and solid areas like our black iPhone screen.
  2. Once you have the Magic Wand activiated move your cursor over the area you want to select, in this instance I want to select the black screen so I am going to place my curser over the screen, and double click to select that entire area. Voila!
  3. Now go back to step 4 in the tutorial above.

Do you like our stock image? Purchase it below!

Free Tutorials / Tips

Hashtags tip #1

Social Media Tip


Last week I announced the merger between my company Eliza Gwendalyn & Alexandra Amor’s brand Amor Social Media! We created this alliance to not only brand + rebrand company logos and websites but to also help influencers and entrepreneurs grow their brand reach and following! With that being said, this summer we are launching a new portal for free video tutorial & how-to PDF’s on how to gain the most out of your social media platforms! We are a few weeks away from our launch date over at the #AMScommunity, but in the meantime we will be providing some simple tips and ideas to keep in mind for when you post on your social media platforms!

This week tip-focus will be #HASHTAGS! We all know about them but do you guys use them correctly? The right hashtags are how Alex & I grew the right following.


Tip #1 HASHTAGS to NEVER use!

#followme, #like4like, #follow4follow, #tagsforlikes, etc. Using these will attract only bots, spammers, and others users who have no intention of engaging with your brand in any meaningful way.

Not all POPULAR hashtags will attract bots though! Use these simple #Hashtags below to reach the right followers:

#selfie – as a social media marketer, you can use this hashtag when you’re representing your brand at an industry event!

#TBT or #ThrowbackThursday is a perfect nostalgia marketing opportunity

#photooftheday should be reserved for your best work. There is an account @photooftheday that selects a ‘winner’ every day through that hashtag!

#fbf or #FlashbackFriday – since one day a week dedicaed to nostalgia isn’t enough they’ve created FBF!

A few more good / broad go-tos:

#manicmonday #wisdomwednesday #womencrushwednesday #wcw #fridayfunday #sundaysareforlovers #regram


There are popular instagram hashtags specific to each industry which will be more outlined in our Amor Social Media Deck.
Email us to view the deck! 

Free Tutorials




I am always looking for the newest and easiest apps for my business, which is kind of hard since technology is constantly evolving especially when it comes to anything involving social media. However, I finally came across a gem I just can’t live without. That gem is called Planoly and it’s a beautiful little pink bundle of social media organizational joy! Planoly is a user-friendly platform to organize, schedule and post your instagram content. Look no further my friends because your instagram posts just got a whole lot easier & prettier. I have put together a FREE tutorial on how to use the Planoly interface so that you can plan your entire month within just one hour! It’s that EASY lemon squeezy…

Follow the 5 FREE easy steps below
and you will be on your way to developing a beautiful and cohesive instagram feed!

STEP 1 Sign up and connect to your instagram. Once set-up it will automatically download your feed!

STEP 2 Add your photos by clicking the ‘ADD NEW MEDIA’ button in the top left hand corner. You can add your whole months worth of photos or you can add them individually .

browse your computer
or upload through dropbox
or google drive!

Once the photo(s) are uploaded it will appear in the library to the right with a ‘U’ in peachy pink box on the top left of each new photo. This means it ‘unscheduled’

STEP 3 Make your post(s) by clicking the  ‘U’ in the box so it expands to the window below.

STEP 4 Write a comment.

Type just like you would type in the instagram app.
If you place an ‘@’ symbol before a handle it will automatically fill in the handle!

It fills in hashtags (#) for you too!

STEP 5 Schedule your post! By clicking the little calendar box and setting a date and time!

Then press save & Voila!


Analyze section: where you can see your total followers, following, comments and likes over the year, week, day etc… Similar to google analytics but just for your instagram!

Draft section: where you can make groups of photos you wish to use in the future but you aren’t sure for when!

Comment section: An analyst of all the comments ever posted by other uses. You can see what they say and how many were posted on each photo by week, day, month, and year!

Discovery section: Probably one of the coolest part of the entire platform. It works just like a google or instragam search. Whether you want to see fellow instagramer’s feeds to get inspiration or see who and what is being posted under certain hashtags (#) you can find it all here!

If this free tutorial hasn’t convinced you, maybe a free trial will excite you! CLICK HERE to sign up for Planoly today!

Corporate Events

2017 Spring Events

St John Knits


This spring has been very hectic for us over here at the Eliza Gwendalyn studios. From launching our newest Studioways font in collaboration with my talented friend and peer Virginia Lucas Hart (that pays ode to her classic calligraphy style) to our very special fashion sketch event with the ladies of St John Knits at their Americana location. We kept things fun and creative!

Hart was a passion project in the making, not just for Virginia which was a first time launch for the designer, but for myself and Jim Lyles as well. We had never collaborated with a third party artist. Usually 3 heads can be a little overwhelming because with 3 heads there are usually 3 opinions but fortunately for us we made quite the trio! #SquadGoals at it’s finest and I think Hart is a perfect symbol of it, making it to HOTTEST font list in the first month of launching was a HUGE honor – this is now the third Studioways font that made it on the list making us 3 for 3. The pressure is on for our next font which we will be launching at the end of the summer. You can purchase Hart on our Studioways website, Myfonts or CreativeMarket!

Mother’s Day Fashion Illustration at St John Knits in the Americana

I had the loveliest time with the ladies over at St John Knits in the Americana shopping mall on long island for Mother’s Day weekend. As dreary as the weather was we kept it bright and fun inside with champs, fruits and fashion! I had the awesome opportunity to sketch the customers in their chic St John Knit purchases. It was hard to leave the store without a purchase of my own! If you haven’t already checked out their resort and summer line, you must. I especially adored the white & blue floral tracksuit I got to sketch from their newest collection.

Mother’s Day Fashion Illustration & Calligraphy at St John Knits in the Americana


New Font Launch:



This March my business partner, over at, Jim Lyles and I launched our second font together called Boronia. It’s a six weight family was developed with the single idea of redefining the simple sans serif to pair with any style of font family. It is meant to blend with a variety of media, from editorial to bridal and fashion. The Boronia family weights range from an ultra sexy thin to a voluptuous bold, each with a companion italic, making it the ‘perfect type’ for all tastes. Each font supports the standard Western European character set.

Read More


Facebook Live

with Lover.Ly


I had the pleasure in joining Kellee Khalil and her lovely team at headquarters this past #WeddingWednesday to chat all things love, letters & Valentine’s Day! Check the full interview in the video below or visit their Facebook page directly!


Inspired By This:

How to be a Girl Boss


Inspired By This came to the Eliza Gwendalyn Studios to discuss all the exciting and fabulous new things we have launched this Valentine’s Day! Below is an excerpt from the article.
You can see the full INSPIRED BY THIS feature here!

“After much success with my first font line Petunia, hitting #7 hottest font on this past summer with Great Lakes Lettering, I decided to embark on my own font journey and form a foundry along with Jim Lyles called Studioways.

I fell in love with the process of font making, but I am super meticulous and I felt that it was best for me to take the next step in the font world under my own brand. I couldn’t do it entirely on my own though, because all fonts entail design & program, and I am just a designer. This meant I needed someone who excelled in programming. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jim Lyles a month after we launched Petunia. Jim is a seasoned font programmer and he has contributed his skills to quite a few famous font families of our time including: Vera font family and Stiggy & Sands’ Kapture. These are just two of many successful typefaces he has created within the 3o years he has been working in the industry. It was pretty exciting that Jim was on board to form a partnership with me. We had an instant connection and within 24 hours our partnership was signed and our foundry Studioways was formed! We dove right in to designing our first font family together, which I am delighted to say is available now on myFonts and our Studioways website. Her name is Lady Slippers and she is the most romantic and delicate style I have created to date. Lady Slippers was a true labor of love. No matter what I work on I give it 150% my all, but with her I had to go above & beyond, after-all, how many times does a newbie like me get to work with a seasoned vet like Jim? I may have made a name for myself in the wedding industry, but I just broke in to into the font world in the summer 2016, so this was a huge deal for me.

The process behind font creating is quite tedious but oh-so rewarding. First, you have to calligraphy or draw the ligatures and ornaments. Then, you scan them and fix it up in Photoshop. After you clean up the artwork in PSD, you bring it into Illustrator to vectorize it. This is the trickiest part for a font like Lady Slippers because of how intricate her letterforms are. Lady Slippers is very delicate, after all it resembles one of my calligraphy styles I write in and the special art of calligraphy is the defined thick and thin lines. We really wanted to instill that calligraphic hand while also making it computer and graphics friendly. To do this, you have to manually manipulate each vector point to achieve that intricacy throughout the letter as well as keep the flow consistent throughout the entire alphabet of upper and lower case. Once you complete vectorization, you are finally ready to program it, which is the most time consuming step of them all! People think hand drawing and writing is the hardest part of creating a typeface but honestly that’s the easiest and most fun step! It’s the weeks, with the computer, which is the most tedious, but totally worth it! The time spent on each step is the beauty of the process. Creating the perfect font family takes months. You invest so much time into a project that it becomes your baby. Lady Slippers took Jim and I about seven months to create from design to finish. You spend so much time planning and editing and then it is time to pick a name for your baby!

Picking a name is just as important as designing the font! I originally created the Lady Slippers’ style during a logo project for a company that hired me to rebrand them. I wanted to name it after the brand I was designing for, but the name was already taken. Just like a company or artwork, a font needs an exclusive name; so one cold Fall day Jim and I went back and forth on delicate pretty names for an hour or two. Petunia was named after my nickname from my parents, and it’s also a flower, so we wanted to keep it in the same genre since they are both designs developed from my personal calligraphy hand-style. We went down a list of hundreds of flowers and just when I was going to throw in the towel, I saw Lady Slippers and it just spoke to me. I often compare calligraphy to ballet, both acts are so graceful but take time to learn and perfect that grace. When I look at Lady Slippers it reminds me of ballet slippers, delicate and pretty yet not so simple to wear, which resembles our journey in creating Lady Slippers Font Family.

For those of you who don’t know what a ‘font family‘ refers to, it’s the term that is given to a group of one or more variations in a typeface. So a family is formed when you have two or more typefaces under the same name. Petunia has 7 fonts in its family and Lady Slippers has 4, plus an extended version of the main typeface for designers to get crazy with. This extended version includes swashes, ligatures and contextual alternates, among others, in all accessible via OpenType features. If you aren’t tech savvy you probably won’t understand what I just said but if you are, you should head on over to our website and purchase the single Lady Slippers font package to see what I am talking about! For those of you who are not OpenType aware, purchase the Lady Slippers Bundle package. I have also added a font with ornaments, flourishes and crests because I design my families with the bridal and stationery industry in mind.


We are constantly designing and generating fonts behind the scenes. I always plan ahead and signed 3 fabulous artist to our foundry this past fall: Virginia Luca Hart, Sarah Richardson and Elaina Deboard whom all have leant their calligraphy styles to their own unique font collaboration for Studioways! Virginia’s font is already on the launch calendar for March so stay tuned for that! Jim and I have also been busy designing a sans serif as well as a monogram font, however they won’t launch until 2018.

We have also branched out with our fonts in to into products. I am excited to announce my launch of wax seals with this Valentine’s Day! It’s named Eliza Gwendalyn Collection and it is everything I have hoped for and dreamt of. CEO, Darsh Thomsen and her team reached out to me in late fall after seeing my typeface Petunia with some exciting concepts, so naturally, I couldn’t resist to jump on that opportunity! It’s been quite an exciting few months designing a full collection of personal Eliza Gwendalyn Crest Designs to go along with my font collection for them. It’s a very unique service they provide and quite niche as is calligraphy. If I must say so myself, it’s a perfect pairing, and a joy to work with the ladies of! You can purchase the full collection directly from their website. Every season we will come out with new colors, designs and scents! Yes, you heard me, they can scent the wax! Order today and receive 25% off on your total order using promo code:

To combine my passion of type and calligraphy into a product like the wax seals is a dream come true. It’s an honor to be apart of two traditional crafts modernizing in our day and age – quite the state of art progression! You can purchase Studioways fonts on our website here
and check out Eliza Gwendalyn’s Wax Seals collection here.”

Tips / Web Design

Web Design 101:

Getting Started



WEB DESIGN 101:  Getting Started

Are you in need of a website but not sure where to start?
Follow these 3 simple steps on how to get started.


1. Pick a domain name (website name). There are quite a few domain search websites but my personal and most reliable website to find out if your domain names available would be – You can type your name of choice and pick the ending (whether you want .com, .net, or your own . something) and see if it is available for purchase. The more generic or popular the name is the smaller the chance it is available OR available at a reasonable price. Shoot for the stars but be realistic if you want to name your company blue jeans and wish to purchase, the chances are going to be slim to none that it is still available and if it is, the price is going to be astronomically high (think $5,000+). Don’t let this get you down search for your domain name wisely. If it is taken, try other ways to say it, maybe $50,000 but may only be $14.99. Play-on-words is key to get the best price options and availability for your name.


2. Once you purchase your domain now you will want to purchase web hosting. Hosting is a server your website lives on, essentially it is the space your rent out monthly to park your website on like a brick & mortar shop rents a store front, websites rent server space. You cannot have a live website without hosting. If you are a client of mine, I am very particular about the hosting I refer my clients to use. I only design websites off WordPress so I require my clients to purchase a WordPress hosting package from They have very reasonably priced packages. However, some hosting platforms can run up to $100s of dollars opposed to the $3-20 WordPress hosting I use. This price range is due entirely on the size of your website. Obviously if you have a $50,000 website you will need more space on a server than a $600 website would need, just like Bloomingdales rent is cheaper than a coffee shops.


3. Pick a web programmer and if you are a programmer, pick your website content management system (CMS) you wish to build your website off of. There are many CMS options from Shopify to Squarespace or building your own html file from scratch if you know j-query and javascript. My go-to CMS is WordPress. WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in a PHP file, if you aren’t a nerd like me, PHP is basically the easiest way to create a powerful website without speaking the entire geek language. It only requires you to be proficient in the computer languages named CSS & Html not all the computer programming languages in existence. If you are computer savvy it truly is the best and most efficient way to build a beautiful cohesive website. I will explain more about why I love wordpress and how to use it in may next post. There are a lot of crooks out there so try to become well verse before you sign up with anyone.


Free Tutorials

Loverly Blog Feature: How to Create a Custom Ink


Honored to be able to share some of my tips & tricks over Loverly blog on friday! Check you the full video tutorial in the link below on how to Create a Custom Ink Color Like a DIY Calligraphy Queen!

How on earth can a couple create a custom ink color to perfectly match their wedding palette? We all know how long it takes to pick out the perfect Pantones, so who wants to settle on a not-quite-right ink shade? Read on to see what she had to say…


  • pipette
  • White or black Winsor & Newton gouache ink
    (Depending on light or dark shade)

1. Open your large dinky dip jar and fill 1/4 of the jar with your ink.
2. Take the water and fill the jar up until it is 1/3 filled with the ink & water compound.
3. Close the top and shake vigorously for 2 minutes.
4. Open the jar and take your pipette to gently mix the compound a little more.
5. Take your pen & nib and test the quality of ink. Your goal is to create the perfect milky texture, as thick as milk. If the ink is too opaque and watered-down you will need to add more ink. If the ink is too thick and clumpy you will need to dilute it by adding more water with a pipette. Go slow and gentle until you reach that perfect milky consistency.

Calligraphy / Press / Stationery / Wedding Shoot




We were so excited to be the main feature article on Grey Likes Weddings today! This southern inspiration shoot was the brainchild of GLDN EVENTS who established the baby blue and southern peach palette with a strong emphasis on pattern (check out the adorable hand-painted tablecloths by Carly Home!!) The flowers are by GLEN HEAD FLOWER SHOP and we’re totally obsessing over the white floral installation on the bold, red barn—such a perfect portrait backdrop for a rustic wedding! FOR THE LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY was behind the lens to capture all the fun moments and delightful details of the adorable shoot. You can see some more photos below or you can check out the full article on there website here!

punchy-southern-red-barn-wedding-inspiration38 punchy-southern-red-barn-wedding-inspiration43

This shoot stays near and dear to my heart because it was the first time I got to use my font line Petunia on a printed medium and feel it first hand. I am so please with how For The Love Photography captured the suite along side Nally Jewels’ diamond rings. It was even more special to me that Carly Home designed the envelope liner to match the suite.


The entire shoot was shot through the eyes of Jamie Baldwin of For the Love Photography, from the wide views and the couple sessions down, to the close-up shots of the custom specialty cocktails by the LIQ NY, leather escort pouches by Vianel and the stunning diamond rings from Nally’s Jewels Inc.

Photography: FOR THE LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY // Event Planner: GLDN EVENTS // Calligraphy & Stationery: ELIZA GWENDALYN //  Flowers: GLEN HEAD FLOWER SHOP // Hair & Makeup: A.K. BRIDAL // Cocktails: THE LIQNY // Linens: CARLY HOME // Groom Styling: MR. BALDWIN STYLE // Groom Model: Matthew Billman, Soul Artist Management // Jewelry: NALLY’S JEWELS // Leather goods: VIANEL // Headpiece: NATURAE DESIGN // Venue: Private Residence