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I am always looking for the newest and easiest apps for my business, which is kind of hard since technology is constantly evolving especially when it comes to anything involving social media. However, I finally came across a gem I just can’t live without. That gem is called Planoly and it’s a beautiful little pink bundle of social media organizational joy! Planoly is a user-friendly platform to organize, schedule and post your instagram content. Look no further my friends because your instagram posts just got a whole lot easier & prettier. I have put together a FREE tutorial on how to use the Planoly interface so that you can plan your entire month within just one hour! It’s that EASY lemon squeezy…

Follow the 5 FREE easy steps below
and you will be on your way to developing a beautiful and cohesive instagram feed!

STEP 1 Sign up and connect to your instagram. Once set-up it will automatically download your feed!

STEP 2 Add your photos by clicking the ‘ADD NEW MEDIA’ button in the top left hand corner. You can add your whole months worth of photos or you can add them individually .

browse your computer
or upload through dropbox
or google drive!

Once the photo(s) are uploaded it will appear in the library to the right with a ‘U’ in peachy pink box on the top left of each new photo. This means it ‘unscheduled’

STEP 3 Make your post(s) by clicking the  ‘U’ in the box so it expands to the window below.

STEP 4 Write a comment.

Type just like you would type in the instagram app.
If you place an ‘@’ symbol before a handle it will automatically fill in the handle!

It fills in hashtags (#) for you too!

STEP 5 Schedule your post! By clicking the little calendar box and setting a date and time!

Then press save & Voila!


Analyze section: where you can see your total followers, following, comments and likes over the year, week, day etc… Similar to google analytics but just for your instagram!

Draft section: where you can make groups of photos you wish to use in the future but you aren’t sure for when!

Comment section: An analyst of all the comments ever posted by other uses. You can see what they say and how many were posted on each photo by week, day, month, and year!

Discovery section: Probably one of the coolest part of the entire platform. It works just like a google or instragam search. Whether you want to see fellow instagramer’s feeds to get inspiration or see who and what is being posted under certain hashtags (#) you can find it all here!

If this free tutorial hasn’t convinced you, maybe a free trial will excite you! CLICK HERE to sign up for Planoly today!

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