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Last week I announced the merger between my company Eliza Gwendalyn & Alexandra Amor’s brand Amor Social Media! We created this alliance to not only brand + rebrand company logos and websites but to also help influencers and entrepreneurs grow their brand reach and following! With that being said, this summer we are launching a new portal for free video tutorial & how-to PDF’s on how to gain the most out of your social media platforms! We are a few weeks away from our launch date over at the #AMScommunity, but in the meantime we will be providing some simple tips and ideas to keep in mind for when you post on your social media platforms!

This week tip-focus will be #HASHTAGS! We all know about them but do you guys use them correctly? The right hashtags are how Alex & I grew the right following.


Tip #1 HASHTAGS to NEVER use!

#followme, #like4like, #follow4follow, #tagsforlikes, etc. Using these will attract only bots, spammers, and others users who have no intention of engaging with your brand in any meaningful way.

Not all POPULAR hashtags will attract bots though! Use these simple #Hashtags below to reach the right followers:

#selfie – as a social media marketer, you can use this hashtag when you’re representing your brand at an industry event!

#TBT or #ThrowbackThursday is a perfect nostalgia marketing opportunity

#photooftheday should be reserved for your best work. There is an account @photooftheday that selects a ‘winner’ every day through that hashtag!

#fbf or #FlashbackFriday – since one day a week dedicaed to nostalgia isn’t enough they’ve created FBF!

A few more good / broad go-tos:

#manicmonday #wisdomwednesday #womencrushwednesday #wcw #fridayfunday #sundaysareforlovers #regram


There are popular instagram hashtags specific to each industry which will be more outlined in our Amor Social Media Deck.
Email us to view the deck! 

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