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100LayerCake + Crate&Barrel

Holiday Shoot



This past fall 2015 the blog 100 Layer Cake contacted me to design the cutest little tea-stained calligraphy crest menus for their Crate & Barrel Holiday Cocktail Registry photoshoot. All together I designed 5 mini crest menus that were paired with each speciality cocktail concocted by the talented drinkests over at Pharmacie . I was completely smitten by all the images and I hope you are too. You can view the entire shoot here AND here!


Vendor Cred: Photography: Paige Jones / Florals: Moon Canyon / Drinks: Pharmacie / Calligraphy: Eliza Gwendalyn / Food: Urban Palate / Chalk Art: Joyce Chai Studio / Video: California Electric / Model: Aaron Hartselle


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