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Panera Bread

‘Pop-Up Pantry’ Event!


We’ve been dying to fill you in on a really cool project we worked on earlier this week! Panera Bread has recently launched an entirely new menu focused on serving healthy foods and using fewer artificial additives in their recipes. On Monday night, we teamed up with Panera’s awesome PR people to help bring to life their concept of staging a “pop-up open pantry” in Soho. The idea behind the pantry was to show visitors that the ingredients they use to bake their foods are the same wholesome ones you would find in your own home. Different types of flours, nuts, vegetables, breads, dairy products—you name it—were displayed all over in jars and baskets. It was our job to create handwritten labels for each ingredient with the intention of familiarizing customers with the products they were consuming. Staging over 400 ingredients in the 2,000-square-foot space was no easy feat, but Panera did an awesome job and it looked phenomenal. Take a peek at a few of our pictures below and click here for more info on the event.

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